Pete York


The Spencer Davis Group

Hardin & York

Eric Clapton’s Powerhouse

Olympic Rock & Blues Circus


Pete York is perhaps best known for his work with the The Spencer Davis Group, who released several top hits of the 1960s such as “Keep On Running”, which reached Number One in 1965, followed by “Somebody Help Me”, “When I Come Home”, Gimme Some Lovin’” and “I’m A Man”.

He went on to perform with Hardin and York, Eric Clapton’s Powerhouse, Olympic Rock & Blues Circus, Pete York’s Percussion Band, the Pete York Big Band and many other groups and projects that have taken him all over the world for several decades.

Pete has also appeared on and helped produce several TV series such as ‘Superdrumming’ and ‘Villa Fantastica’.

He is currently performing with Pete York & Young Friends and also his ‘Drum Boogie’ trio.